Looking for someone to help you improve your tennis game, someone to hit with or perhaps someone to build a website for you?

Look no more! You just found who you are looking for. Please do not hesitate to contact me and let me know what are you interested in and how can I help you.
GPTCA C level
Deni Žmak

Player, Coach, Engineer

I started playing tennis when I was 5 years old and since then I enjoy playing tennis on daily basis. I’m very passionate about tennis and I enjoy getting better and competing as well as helping others get better and have fun playing. I love working with motivated players who are giving their best at every session.
25+ years of playing experience
10+ years of coaching experience
Best ATP singles ranking #961 (May 2010)
Best ITF junior ranking #62 (2007)
Ranked #1 on ETA U16 (2005)
NAIA Team National Champion (2013)
Singles & Doubles NAIA National Champion (2013, 2014)
Croatian Senior National Champion (2021, 2018, 2017)

Why To Hire With Me

I’ve been playing tennis since I was 5 years old and I still love competing and getting better at it. What I’m specially passionate about is seeing another motivated player, no matter what age, willing to work hard and get better.
My experience of playing tennis over 25 years gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about the game but also about coaching. I’ve worked with many different coaches which taught me over years that teaching often requires ability to explain the same thing in many different ways.
I’m always ready to come up with exercises that would best fit personal needs for every player, as well as finding multiple ways of learning new elements in order to achieve improvement in short period of time.

``Mistakes don't mean failure. On the contrary, mistakes are a key feature in improvement``

Working with players ranging from U10 to 65+, as well as working with active players and amateurs, requires adapting your methods and exercises in order to achieve best results.
Ability to stay positive it’s very important in tennis. “Bad days” in tennis can be very frustrating but as long as you are trying and doing you best on those days, you are moving in the right direction. No matter how many mistakes you make.
Attentive to details
Contact point, grip, swing, footwork, balance and other elements all need to get in line for a good stoke. Working on those elements is very meticulous process that requires constant attention and corrections.